Reliable Maintenance and Repair Services

When you depend on your car or truck for transportation every day to and from the West Side, you need reliable maintenance and repair services. We are your one-stop shop for all preventive maintenance such as tune-ups, tire rotation, brakes, and more.
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Other Services

Free Brake Check
We will remove tires and  inspect your front and rear brake pads, free of charge. This is one of our everyday value-added services. Wear and tear on brake pads depends on how you drive your vehicle – in stop-and-go city driving or highway driving. If your brake pads are wearing out, we will tell you. If they have many more miles of use, we’ll also tell you that. Remember, we don’t sell parts your vehicle doesn’t need. That’s the Price-Rite Difference!

Warranty Services
We honor extended warranties and we can service your car even if it’s still under factory warranty – no need to pay dealer prices!
You must follow manufacturer’s maintenance requirements to keep your new car warranties in effect. But it is a common misconception that only dealers can perform those services. In fact, any qualified facility can. Bring your vehicle in today and save!

Pre-purchase Inspection
Buying a used car? Know what it needs and how much the work will cost, before you buy. Get our pre-purchase inspection and written auto repair estimate for just $69.95. Use that information to negotiate the best price. Here’s another tip: Get a history of the vehicle from CarFax. Most dealers will provide this to you free of charge. Should a copy not be available, all you need is the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and you can order a CarFax online at for a small fee.

Trip Check
Stay safe – stop in before you take that long-distance road trip. We’ll check fluids, windshield wipers, headlights, brake lights, tire pressure, belts and hoses.

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