Fair Prices, Friendly Service

Price-Rite Auto Care has been Rio Rancho’s best value in auto and fleet service since 1994. Family owned and operated, Price-Rite is dedicated to fair prices and friendly service.

No, you won’t find us in the slush pile of direct marketing envelopes our competitors use, advertising $49 brake jobs or other such nonsense. In the industry, that’s called fixed pricing. It’s a tactic many companies use to drive traffic through the door, but only frustrates customers who soon discover they’re charged much more. We consider fixed pricing unethical – a form of “bait-and-switch” you might say.

In fact, we’ve gained many customers through the years who had been burned by the tactic, turned to us, and got a better “real” price.

You see, at Price-Rite, we don’t quote prices without first checking your vehicle because there is no other way of really knowing what parts are bad or the extent of service required. Once we’ve diagnosed the problem, we’ll tell you the real price of a repair or maintenance service upfront. We always strive to provide quality parts at great prices so we can pass the savings on to you. And we don’t sell parts your vehicle doesn’t need. 

We began in 1994 as Rio Rancho Auto Radiator and A/C Service grew into a full-service repair facility with a new name and mission in 2002: Price-Rite Auto Care. Today we continue to grow our reputation of fair prices, friendly service.