The Car Care Council recommends getting used to a regular schedule of preventive maintenance on your vehicle to avoid higher costs of repair or parts replacements. Simple steps like keeping fluids new and clean, especially engine oil, prevents buildup of harmful deposits that cause your vehicle’s internal components to work harder. Be sure to have brake fluid and transmission or clutch fluids checked regularly.
Sticking to factory recommended service intervals in your owner’s manual is also important.

A common misconception is that if your vehicle is under factory warranty, you must take it to the dealer for service. But, in fact, the CCC recommends taking your vehicle to independent shops for its maintenance service.
Here’s why:
“By and large, private, independent shops charge less than licensed dealers because they have access to less expensive aftermarket parts as opposed to typically pricier Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. If your vehicle is out of warranty, there’s little reason to use the dealer over a local shop, and if the local guys are charging less money, then by all means use them. You can use DriverSide to find and rate local mechanics for your specific vehicle. Don’t forget to save all your service receipts. Not only are they good to have for reminders, but having them available for potential buyers will also increase the residual value of your car.” — Car Care Council article “How to Reduce Your Vehicle Maintenance Costs” Oct. 5, 2011

At Price-Rite, we can provide factory recommended service, and we honor extended warranties as well. Call today to schedule your maintenance appointment, or contact us online.